Licensing Required By the Gambling Commission

Licensing Required By the Gambling Commission

It is untrue that many of the gambling establishments are unregulated. If this is the case, then a particular gambling establishment is operating illegally. All gambling establishments are mandated to operate in a legal manner and doing so is the need to apply and secure license from the Gambling Commission. A gambler must ensure that they are playing in a legal gambling venue to ensure their protection and quality of service to receive. The gambling Commission is a licensing body which is mainly responsible in regulating all commercial gambling in Great Britain with the exception of the National Lottery which will remain under the licensure issued by the National Lottery Commission and the Spread Betting which will remain under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority. Under the Gambling Commission Act, all commercial gambling institutions shall apply for a license from the Gambling Commission which in turn is responsible for the issuance of either an operating or personal licensure. Another licensure maybe required from the gambling licensure applicant which is the premises license issued to a gambling establishment with a fixed business location, the issuance of which is primarily issued by the local authority and it is beyond the scope of the Commission already.

The operating license is issued to a gambling establishment that will provide gambling facilities including the installation, repair and supply of gambling software and machines to a gambling operator. The operating license is applicable to all casino operators, software manufacturers and supplier, gambling machine repair servicing company and promoting agencies of lottery and gambling activities. The license issued has unlimited period with a required annual fee to pay to maintain their license. The Commission however has the right to revoke the license issued whenever deemed necessary.

The personal management license is basically issued in two kinds: personal management and personal functional licenses. The personal management license is applicable to all individuals occupying a management position directly involved with the following functions: financial planning, budgeting, regulatory compliance, strategy and gambling operations, IT provisions and security including marketing development.

The individuals who may avail of the personal management license are usually the Managing Director, Chief Executives, Chairman, Operating Officers, Directors, Marketing Officers, Compliance Directors, IT and Development Director a Trustee and other functional positions that hold representation to the management of the gambling establishment.

The personal functional license on the other hand is applied to all personnel, officers and staffs who are involved with the payment and receipt of money collected from a gambling activity and those who can influence the outcome of the game. This includes the casino dealers, cashier, croupier, inspector, pit boss, supervisors and security.

The Gambling Commission aims to conduct a regulatory policy that will standardize a gambling establishment’s operation to provide an honest, credible and professional service in the gambling industry through a licensing policy. This licensing procedure will ensure that gambling establishments will abide to the standards set by the Commission to satisfy the quality standards in the gambling industry.

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