Rome Casino Loyalty Program

Rome Casino Loyalty Program

Even though Rome Casino is one of the hottest online destinations in the world when it comes to customer service and the overall house advantage, it seems that very few players understand exactly how their online casino rewards program works or how it compares to other programs. This article will give a full review of the Rome Casino website, explain their loyalty reward program in depth, and rate it with comparisons to other leading gaming sites.

Rome Casino Intro

Rome Casino is one of the newer gaming destinations in cyberspace but they are still considered by many experts to be one of the boldest online casinos ever. Not only do they currently have the largest instant deposit bonus in cyberspace, but their customer service is renowned for being ridiculously generous when it comes to making players feel welcome inside a safe gambling environment. Another part of Rome Casino’s massive appeal is that the website has over 200 quality casino games with excellent overall odds; in most cases much better than you’d find in traditional brick and mortar gaming establishments. Over 400,000 worldwide gamblers are registered at the Rome website as well, which gives them unbelievable spending power when it comes to VIP tournaments, loyalty rewards, and innovative ways to enjoy classic casino games that gamblers love.

Rome Casino Loyalty Program

When Rome Casino first announced that they were designing the ultimate loyalty reward program for their members, it sounded like just another one of those promises that online casinos make to convince gamblers to try out their website. They held true to their promise though, and it is definitely one of the main reasons to play at this website.

The Rome Casino VIP Bonus is divided into five distinct classes, ranging from average, everyday perks all the way up to massive cash back bonuses. The ranks begin at Legionnaire Class and progress through Centurion, Senator, Caesar, and finally Jupiter, which is where you’ll be eligible for well over $20,000 a month in free money to do whatever you want with. Other perks range from having a personal VIP representative on call 24/7 to event entry into some of the world’s biggest casino tournaments; all given to you because of your loyalty.

Rome Casino Loyalty Conclusion

While we hate to make direct comparisons between many of the leading online casinos, it is hard to ignore the fact that Rome Casino gives away way more money to their top level VIP’s than any other website. Then again, those rewards are much harder to earn at the elite levels and it may take some high-rollers months or even years to begin receiving the ultimate kickbacks. Nevertheless, it is hard to argue with a plan that gives gamblers almost a quarter million dollars per year in absolutely free income…so dedicated players should definitely consider whether or not the effort is worth it.

Overall, our staff almost unanimously agrees that Rome Casino is one of the best customer loyalty programs that are currently in cyberspace. For casual players it may not be the best answer in terms of getting the occasional freebie or gift, but it is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for high-rollers that are looking to make a long-term commitment with a solid online gaming company.

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